Traffic Court

Traffic Court Filing Fees

Clerk, Jill Jackson: 205-755-4275

To make a request to do Defensive Driving School or to have your case dismissed, you must appear on your court date.

To request a continuance, please submit a request in writing at least 5 days prior to the court date.

Traffic Fine Chart

Offense Cost Code
Blue Light Law $230.00 T505
Brake reserve system pressure loss $342.00 T798
Brakes (general) $310.00 TD92
Driving thru traffic control device $230.00 T018
Driving while revoked $367.00 T007
Driving while suspended $392.00 T008
Driving with Learner's permit   T629
Driving wrong way on one way street $220.00 T031
Expired license $280.00 T582
Expired tag $229.00 T526
Failure to display required stickers/commercial vehicle $236.00 T611
Failure to display insurance $254.00 T707
Failure to move over for law enforcement $235.00 TMOV
Failure to place proper tire tread $276.00 T624
Failure to possess medical card $251.00 T108
Failure to register vehicle-commercial $267.00 T683
Failure to wear seat belt $ 56.00 T077
Failure to yield right of way $262.00 T507
Failure to yield right of way-left turn $230.00 T730
Following too close $230.00 T023
Impeding the flow of traffic $230.00 T783
Improper brakes $276.00 T654
Improper lane usage $230.00 T063
Improper lights $230.00 T508
Improper tag $235.00 T028
Lane change without proper signal $220.00 T627
No child restraint $229.00 T061
No commercial drivers license   T603
No drivers license $279.00 T003
No headlights when required $230.00 T081
No passing zones $230.00 T520
No/Improper tag light $230.00 T755
No/plainly visible tag $260.00 T117
Open container $ 46.00 T137
Operating vehicle without insurance $260.00 T706
Overweight truck $310.00 T042
Reasonable/prudent speed $230.00 T673
Reckless driving $343.00 T002
Speeding - less than 25 mph over limit $224.00 T001
Speeding - 70+ mph on interstate $224.00 T169
Speeding - no workers - construction zone $224.00 T739
Stopping on Highway $240.00 T588
Switched Tag $230.00 T690
Tinted Windows $230.00 T075

*These ticket costs are APPROXIMATES, the Judge sets fines in court, some could be more, some could be less.

For questions or payments please contact the Alabama Traffic Safety Center or call TOLL FREE (866) 954-9399. Tickets may be paid by credit card by calling (877) 252-7294. Payments by credit card must be paid prior to the court date printed on your ticket. Credit card payments are not accepted after court dates.

If you wish to plead not guilty you are required to come to court on the assigned court date & time on your ticket. Court dates can only be moved in extreme emergencies by order of the Judge assigned to your case.

If you fail to pay or show up on your court date a Failure to Appear Warrant may be issued for your arrest and your driver’s license may be suspended by the Department of Public Safety. This will result in an increase of cost incurred by you.